Crossroads Wellness Beverage 


Crossroads is a good way to help replace essential vitamins depleted when your body is thrown a curve with

  • Extreme Stress
    Passionflower Extract

  • Vomiting
    Ginger Root Extract
    Vitamin B6

  • Diarrhea


Crossroads is a good way to help replenish the entire body with nutrients lost after

  • A Hard Workout
    Pomegranite Fruit Extract
    Green Tea Extract

  • A Night Out on the Town
    Milk Thistle

  • A Stressful Day at Work
    Vitamin B1


Crossroads is a good way to help revive and reboot the system after

  • A Minor Illness
    Echinacea Flower Extract
    Genseng Root Extract

  • A Regiment of Pain Relief Medicines
    Passion Flower Extract

  • Mental/Physical Fatigue
    Vitamin B1, B6, B12

What our customers are saying

I like the way Crossroads revitalizes me after a hard workout. I drink it daily.

Brett R., Idaho

Crossroads helped me through withdrawals from my addiction to heroin.  Here is my story.

— Samantha T.,  Maryland

Crossroads saved my life. You can see my video testimonial here .

Jerry M., Pennsylvania


  The properties of Crossroads Wellness Beverage make it a formidable weapon in the war against Opioid Addiction as a first responder against the severity of Opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Crossroads is the brain child of William Houck, CEO & Founder of Up-Inya Beverages. His story of opioid addiction is the driving force that lead to the invention of Crossroads Wellness beverage. After having to suffer through opioid withdrawals while incarcerated, William set out to help relieve the suffering of addicts. William along with a team of 5 chemists’ created Crossroads Wellness Beverage.

William decided to put his brain child to the test after relapsing and the Crossroad formula he put together worked. He then gave Crossroads to family and friends of addicts and received positive reviews on the functionality of the wellness beverage.

The inclusion of Passion flower Fruit Extract is a key component in the success of Crossroads. The Passion flower contains monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors that aid in breaking down neurotransmitters which stop them from transmitting and causes a calming effect. *Research has shown that Passionflower is an effective weapon that should be used in combating the suffering of Opioid withdrawals.

*Akhondzadeh S, Kashani L, Mobaseri M, Hosseini SH, Nikzad S, Khani M.Passionflower in the treatment of opiates withdrawal: a double-blind randomized controlled trial. J Clin Pharm Ther. 2001 Oct;26(5):369-73. PubMed PMID: 11679027.

The Journey to Crossroads…. The William Houck Story

William Houck was an addict for 23 years.  At birth he was a very large baby and the doctors, instead of breaking his collarbone, stripped the muscles from his left arm and bicep.  He spent his years as a toddler in pain; his parents were told that he would never have movement in his left arm. Miraculously, he would get feeling and movement. This didn’t come without continuous pain.  As he grew older he was given pain medication consistently, he became addicted to prescription drugs.  As he was approaching adulthood the doctors began to wean him off the medications.  By this time, he was fully addicted to strong prescription drugs, so he was forced to turn to the streets to replace his need.  He needed to function in his daily life.  He eventually got hooked on heroin and his addiction spiraled out of control, he was in and out of rehab for years.

In 2010 he had a run in with the law and ended up incarcerated for three months in county lockup. While in jail he was able to get clean, not without severe pain from the withdrawals. It was during this time that he decided that there must be a way for him and other drug addicts to get help using natural products and not prescription drugs.  He worked with (5) chemists’ for six months to come up with the Crossroads formula specifically aimed to help addicts overcome the agony of going through withdrawals.  

In 2012 he went into relapse and found his life again being controlled by drugs.  He had a case of Crossroads prototypes at $1,000.00 a can, and started taking it.  Within fifteen minutes of his first drink he felt he was getting relief from the symptoms of withdrawal and the craving for the drug curved and eventually disappeared.  He said that he went through a total withdrawal period without the anxiety, stress, headaches, cramps, diarrhea, and other pains that go along with withdrawals.  He had several friends and families dealing with addicts to try the drink and they had similar results.  After his experience William Houck is proud to able to bring this wellness beverage to the public at large.

Crossroads took the edge off of all my withdrawal symptoms.  It saved my life.

— Russ R., Pennsylvania

I am William Houck and I invented Crossroads. Here is my story

—William H.,    CEO Upinya Beverages

Crossroads has helped relieve all my pain that I experience with diverticulitis.

— Chiwi D., Pennsylvania